Land Mobile Radio Systems

Land Mobile Radio Systems (LMR) is a push-to-talk two-way communication between radio transceivers. LMR systems can vary from base station units, mobile stations installed in vehicles, and portable stations such as handheld walkies. Some of the key benefits include interoperability, enhanced data, superior location tracking, and extreme reliability. As a result of their mission-critical communications, LMR systems are particularly attractive to public safety industries. However, these systems are also used for commercial purposes. LMR supports systems operating on frequencies from 150 MHz to 80 GHz.

Systems include:

  • Simulcast paging networks
  • Wide area two-way communications networks
  • Professional commercial radio systems
  • Microwave point to point links
  • Landline replacement
  • Dispatch Center design

PierCon Solutions’ team of wireless experts will work closely with your company and deploy a LMR system that specifically suits your needs.