Our Mission:

“PierCon Solutions LLC provides superior products and expert services to our Customers, at all levels of our operations, to help them achieve their goals. Such products and services are provided at competitive rates while maintaining project accountability on a day to day basis. PierCon anticipates client needs and market direction and strives to be a pioneering enterprise in the Industry. While always focusing on our Customers, PierCon Solutions strives to provide an environment for employees that is fair, supportive & encourages the pursuit of personal goals.”

About PierCon Solutions

PierCon Solutions, LLC is a solid, tenured, and proven wireless consulting and engineering firm based in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, owned, managed, and controlled by its founder, Richard Conroy, since its formation in April of 1998. PierCon has become a business dedicated to providing world-class engineering and consulting services to their customers at competitive rates. Specifically, PierCon is focused on providing radio frequency (RF) and system engineering wireless design and implementation services to both the private and public segments of the telecommunication industry.

PierCon has grown to become a recognized leader in the wireless designs of in-building coverage, Broadband, WiMAX/LTE, Microwave, Cellular, Public Safety, Interoperability, PCS, iDEN (ESMR), In-Building First Responder and In-Building cellular and WiFi, and interference mitigation. In addition, PierCon is a leader in the implementation of these designs, program management, construction management, and expert zoning testimony. Our ability to design and deliver wireless systems on schedule and on budget is well documented, and our credentialed staff of experts has been involved in the design and successful implementation of some of the country’s most significant wireless systems.

PierCon’s staff of experts is divided into three core business groups. The Mission Critical Design team is focused on providing consulting and engineering services to the public safety community. The Outsourced Engineering team provides engineering design, consulting services, and program management directly to the telecommunications industry. And our Antenna Site Management group manages our clients’ properties, and matches them with wireless service providers who provide background income without the need to distract property employees from their duties. These three core business groups, along with many other factors, make it possible for PierCon to be a worldwide provider of wireless technology business solutions.

The deliverables of those solutions, including the integration of computer networking, internet access, and telecommunications, provide a measurable improvement in productivity, profitability, and, in the case of public safety, response times. These improvements can be seen in the numerous and various projects PierCon has been involved with since its’ founding. Overall, PierCon is an employee-based engineering and consulting firm whose credentialed professionals, strong success record, and financial stability make it a no-risk choice. For these reasons and more, PierCon is confident in its ability to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.