Site Management

PierCon’s established site management services include all of the necessary components to maximize the revenue potential of your sites. Our expertise in the wireless industry coupled with our commercial carrier and public safely contacts enables us to quickly identify useful properties. This proactive approach is effective in securing long term antenna and equipment rental agreements, with the result being years of passive income for our clients. PierCon’s site group’s experience and knowledge provides our customer’s with monthly recurring revenue from their antenna space at no direct cost to them and does not provide any additional work for their employees.

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PierCon provides cost effective rooftop and tower management services on a national basis.

Our deliverables include the following:

  • Cell carrier upgrade reviews
  • On-site and paper audits
  • Market analysis (new contracts and renewals)
  • Site walks
  • Review of plans and specifications
  • Construction management
  • Equipment installation and supervision
  • Contract negotiations
  • Interference studies and mitigation
  • Insurance verification
  • Site maintenance
  • Rent and utility verification and remittance
  • Marketing
  • OSHA site safety
  • FCC / FAA regulatory matters

Most importantly, PierCon will develop and maintain long-term relations with the lessee to minimize non-rented space and maximize the rental income. Our knowledge allows us to establish a fair market rent based upon anticipated wireless traffic, alternative structures and equipment planned to be deployed through a proprietary method that applies a “market multiplier” to account for high demand areas. Finally, our relationships with the wireless carriers allows for ease of communicating our client’s available properties to the appropriate resources effectively.

For our clients with existing installations, PierCon provides a site audit service that has a proven record of discovering equipment that has been installed or removed without modification to the lease. A PierCon site audit allows our customers to correct their lease, rental, and utility charges. Overall, PierCon’s familiarity and experience in the design and implementation of current and next generation wireless communication systems allows us to proactively market our client’s properties to both commercial and government wireless operators. We will expose your rooftop or tower site to the maximum number of potential renters resulting in long-term residual income for you.