RF Engineering

The key starting point to a successful implementation is developing an effective system design. PierCon’s design experience brings a host of advanced, alternative technologies and systems that help our clients specify and purchase the types of equipment that best meets their current needs and allows for future growth. Whether you need a complete needs analysis and system specification or simply a need to augment your current radio equipment, or if you need assistance with drive testing, compliance reports and field surveys, PierCon has the answers.

PierCon’s senior staff has performed RF designs for all five of the major wireless Carriers within the NYMTA. Our RF design experience spans the technology platforms from simple analog radio systems to advanced digital TDMA, GSM and CDMA mega networks. PierCon’s experts are fully proficient in link budget determination and propagation coverage designs to ensure your network operates reliably and cost effectively. PierCon’s design and optimization services come with industry proven processes, proprietary RF database tracking tools as well as other techniques that will ensure a timely and effective implementation.

PierCon is fluent with all technologies and standard based systems such as:

  • Broadband
  • Cellular
  • LTE
  • In-building Coverage Designs
  • Land Mobile; conventional & trunking
  • 802.11 Wi-Fi / 802.16 Wi-Max Systems
  • Microwave Systems
  • Narrowband
  • Private Specialized Wireless Systems
  • Public Safety E911
  • Wireless Alarm and Control
  • Wireless Packet Data

Typical RF design services include the full spectrum of tasks required to complete a comprehensive implementation, among the most common are:

  • Link Budget Definition
  • Propagation analysis & coverage mapping
  • Network Initial design grid plans
  • Search Ring development
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Drive testing & benchmarking
  • Frequency planning
  • Traffic Analysis / Capacity planning
  • Antenna system designs
  • Combining & Filtering
  • Intermodulation Analysis
  • Expert Zoning Testimony

Compliance and Safety:

PierCon Solutions provides RF compliance services including maximum permissible exposure (MPE) compliance reports, field surveys and expert testimony.

Expert Testimony – PierCon’s staff consist of qualified witness-trained experts on RF exposure matters ready to testify on your behalf at municipal hearings
(or, for that matter, in landlord meetings or litigation matters).

Compliance Reports – PierCon provides well written reports detailing the site’s compliance or non-compliance according to the OET65 bulletin.

Field Surveys – PierCon is fully equipped and ready to perform field surveys identifying the radio environment surrounding the subject site or area in situations where a large number of co-locaters exist or perhaps for a before and after study. All of PierCon’s studies are provided in a well written easy to understand report format.

Coverage Testing and Analysis:

Performing continuous wave “CW” drive testing is necessary where propagation predications fall short such as in areas of extreme terrain.

PierCon is your one source company for site evaluation drive testing or complete system coverage acceptance testing. PierCon has established drive testing procedures and the latest equipment and software to ensure reliable and efficient testing of wireless coverage.

Or man-made features as well as to determine the minimum height required to meet the coverage objectives. In addition, many local zoning boards have requested empirical data to justify the height requested is the minimum necessary.

Since drive testing is a costly and time consuming effort, propagation predication’s are often utilized for the initial analysis. Upon reaching a critical juncture in the site development process, such as candidate selection and zoning, drive testing often becomes a critical path item with regard to the schedule. Therefore it is essential that the testing performed is done quickly, efficiently and correct the first time.

PierCon Solutions years of experience in the design, testing and zoning of wireless communication facilities has enabled us to develop an efficient and reliable process for “CW” drive testing. The direct benefits to our clients are trouble-free test coordination, expeditious testing, and most importantly accurate & reliable data.

In addition to CW testing PierCon has the in house talent and equipment to perform and benchmark each Carrier’s existing coverage. PierCon can provide color plots, analysis and reports documenting the results from each test.