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Public Safety

We recognize the uniqueness of the needs of public safety. Your spectrum is limited and disparate, your first responders’ mission mandates a “bullet-proof” network, and your subscribers require equipment to be robust enough to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In recognition of your uniqueness, PierCon is equally unique in being able to provide Public Safety Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultants, professionals intimately familiar with the public safety and Homeland Security issues that face your first responders. Our SME Consultants are experts in public safety and communications, and use this expertise while conducting Needs Analysis, training, acceptance testing and providing input to our engineers and designers to ensure that your new network will exceed your requirements and provide you with the highest grade of service for many years to come.

Our staff of engineers and technicians consists of experts with years of hands-on, field tested knowledge with a collective design experience of thousands of sites.

800 MHz Rebanding

PierCon's consultants, engineers and Subject Matters Experts have demonstrated success with many Wave One 800 MHz Rebanding projects.  From conventional to trunked, voice or data, and subscribers numbering from 150 to over 1,000, PierCon has the proven credentials to handle your Rebanding, from initial planning and inventory through negotiations and execution.  Our Rebanding team has led numerous negotiations, authored Proposed Resolution Memoranda and have even been responsible for precedent-setting FCC Rebanding rulings. 

Core Areas of Expertise:

  • E9-1-1 Dispatch Centers
  • Dispatch Centers and Consoles
  • Land Mobile Radio Systems
  • 800 MHz Rebanding
  • Antenna System Design
  • Mobile Data