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Completed Projects

Find out what PierCon Solutions has worked on by viewing some recently completed projects below. Please contact us with any questions!

Recently Fully Completed Projects

First Responder Fire Radio System for $90M Jersey City Hyatt Hotel
Year Started: 2017
     Year Completed: 2017

     Jersey City’s newest hotel, a 13-story, 258-room extended-stay Hyatt House is opening with a PierCon designed, furnished, and installed first responder radio system to support the Jersey City Fire Department.

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First Responder In-Building Radio System for Police, Fire, and EMS
Year Started: 2016
     Year Completed: 2016

     Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital's new East Tower Building, an 11-story, office tower and parking garage is equipped with a PierCon designed first responder radio system. The radio system supports police, fire, and EMS on VHF, UHF, and 700 MHz bands.

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NY Presbyterian Hospital – Design and Construction of a Temporary Antenna Structure – Phase 1
Year Started – Phase 1: 2014
     Year Completed – Phase 1: 2014

     View NY Presbyterian Hospital Temporary Structure

     PierCon was contracted by the NYP Hospital to design a plan for the relocation of all antennas on the Rooftop to allow brick repointing to be performed.  This effort involved the design and installation of completely new antenna platforms and upgrades to the grounding system. Over 48 antennas across multiple agencies were identified and either relocated or removed.  Subsequent to the brick re-pointing, PierCon will design and implement a permanent antenna mount system and relocate all radio systems to their final locations.  Each relocation design includes construction drawings, assignment of contractors, testing and installation of antennas and transmission lines, grounding and cutover of live public safety radio systems.

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Sussex County NJ – Microwave Backbone for consolidated E-911 Dispatch Center
Year Started: 2014
     Year Completed: 2014

     View Sussex County Microwave Backbone Project

     PierCon was awarded a contract to design and implement a high capacity microwave link for connectivity to the new consolidated E9-1-1 dispatch center. PierCon’s design resulted in a high capacity two hop link using 11 GHz microwave which provides 400 Mbps full duplex throughput for the network.

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Hackensack University Medical Center - Broadband for Super Bowl XLVIII
Year Started: 2014
     Year Completed: 2014

     View Hackensack University Broadband Project

     Hackensack University Medical Center, an “official medical services provider” of Super Bowl XLVIII, provided emergency medical care for event workers and spectators before, during, and after the game. The core of their on-site facilities was two 43’ emergency department trailers and one 48’ trauma operating suite trailer staffed by emergency physicians, nurses, and operations personnel. PierCon was selected to design and implement a connectivity solution to enable these vehicles to link with the Hackensack UMC main campus computer network to transfer patient registration, access to electronic medical records (EMR), and to transmit EKG and digital x-ray images for interpretation. PierCon was an easy choice as we teamed in 2012 to provide connectivity between the NJ-MSED’s and a hospital whose emergency department had been taken out of service by Super storm Sandy.

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NSTAR – Simulcasted DMR Network Performance Testing
Year Started: 2013
     Year Completed: 2014

     NSTAR, the utility providing gas and electric to Boston and most of eastern Massachusetts, came to PierCon to perform an engineering and consultative investigation when they began to receive complaints from their employees that some radio calls were not being received by dispatch personnel. NSTAR was familiar with PierCon’s work as we performed the FCC license consolidation study that allowed them to migrate from a mixed low band and UHF system to the nation’s first simulcasted DMR two-slot TDMA radio system.

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Alcatel Lucent – NYC Transit Bus Infrastructure Replacement
Year Started: 2012
     Year Completed: 2013

     View NYC Transit Bus Project

     Motorola Solutions chose PierCon as its teammate for the performance of RF and A/E site surveys at five building locations.  This work was critical to the project’s success as new equipment was being provided to replace only half of the client’s existing fixed network.  No expansion of existing rack space was possible and the installation of the new equipment had to take place without disruption to existing communications.

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Syska Hennessey – United Nations Headquarters
Year Started: 2011
     Year Completed: 2012

     Contracted through Syska Hennessey, PierCon was engaged to perform a conditions survey of the two-way antenna systems at United Nations Headquarters with the goal to consolidate antennas for aesthetic purposes.  When our report indicated that consolidation was not possible due to the number of disparate frequencies in use, and the need for various antennas to provide in-building coverage, the UN expanded our scope.

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